You Can Milk Anything With…

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Nuts.   Every time I chomp into a raw almond my palatte conjures images of the sweet almond’s nectar, commonly known as almond milk.  Consequentially I tried to satisfy my craving with uht boxed almond milk.  While the taste was somthing resembling almonds it no where near appeased my hankering.  I was dreaming of something creamy and smooth, sweet and nutty, luscious and decadent.

After many cups of my favorite pumpkin chai tea steeped in sad, boxed almond water I set out to make my own, true almond milk.  Without preservatives and taunting of deliciousness.

I used 2 cups of almonds and by the end of the batch it was getting a little iffy.  I recommend using 1 cup and making a pint of thin milk or 2 cups of rich cream, depending on the future use.

Almond Milk

1 cup almonds
3 cups water
1 food processor
cheese cloth
sweetener to taste

pinch of salt

Cover the almonds with water, about an inch above the top so that the can expand as they soak.  Leave them alone to get plump and hydrated overnight.

Put the almonds, with some water for lubrication, in the food processor and give it all a whirl, chopping until they are nice and minced into a puree.


Lay the cheesecloth over a bowl and scoop the puree into the cloth.  Either in one large or many small batches depending on the size of the cheese cloth.

Squeeze out as much of the nectar as you can.  It will be a creamy silk perfection.  If your cheese cloth has large holes you may want to strain the mixture again until you achieve this heavenly consistency.

Now add water to the cream.  The more you add the thinner it will be.  I added about two cups per 1 cup of almonds to create a nice creamer for chai tea or poached pear deserts.

Let the succulent milk sit overnight to bloom in the fridge.

Take out the milk.  Sip.  Add a touch of salt.  Sip.  Add your sweetener of choice.  Pour a glass.  This is quite perishable so drink up!

Eat Happily.


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