Fair-weather Vegan and Baily’s Dairy

November 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

Usually, the freshest things on my plate are fruits and vegetables from Barnard’s or Highland Orchards, the farmers market, various CSAs, and occasionally my garden.  In fact, I have gotten so accustomed to the plethora of obscenely crisp produce in my diet that my unconsciously have transformed in a pseudo vegan.   This may upset some hardcore vegans as there is no real way to be half vegan.  But if there is, I have discovered the animal-less jackpot and I feel glorious.  There is defiantly something to be said about veganism, and I am overall glad that food awareness has become/is becoming as mainstream as it is.

Although the fundamental reasons that I love eating like a vegan; the real and whole foods, the exposure to different foods, the pureness of the foods are the same reasons why it seems impractical.  When I discovered how great I felt with a significant decrease amount of cheesy, buttery, milky, bacony, food in my belly I began to think about converting completely to the green side.  Fortunately, a few things stopped me.

One being my love of croissants and all baked goods for that matter (preferably a  la mode and ice cream is absolutely a vegan no-no).  I am just not really that okay with using butter substitutes.  Not that I have not fallen in love with many different kinds of oils in the past year but there is just no way to replace the sweet salty velvety heaven of fresh cream and butter.  I find that these dairy fats are essential in baking.  And I love to bake.  So sorry veganism I choose butter.  No oleo-margarine, it simply contradicts my whole eating philosophy of simple and fresh and delicious.

Which brings me to the freshest dairy a food lover could hope for.  Every day I drive by the hills speckled with the happiest cows grazing on grass, not hormones in feedlots.  Seeing the cows just makes me want toast with butter melted all over it.

The dairy just opened up to the public in the spring of 2010 after selling their milk to Land-O-Lakes for years. And while I am in favor of drinking raw milk as I believe that the pasteurization process eliminates the enzymes in the milk which make is human digestion friendly, I have talked to the Bailys about their pasteurized milk.  They flash pasteurize which makes it safe to sell as pasteurized but is not heated to levels which kill off all of the good enzymes like mass produced dairy.   

Now I stop into the market once a week to pick up my supply of cream line milk and pearly cream for baking and ice cream for eating (as we drive by the farm to school the 4 year old I nanny for always asks which cow made the ice cream and it makes me so happy that this question is even possible).  At this point they are still working on selling their own butter.  And I am waiting patiently, err, impatiently.

This dairy may be the reason for my inability to commit as a vegan and I could not be happier to be drinking and baking with the milky creamy products of the happiest cows I know.

Baily’s Dairy


8121 Lenape Unionville Road
West Chester, Pa19382

Open daily 10 am- 6pm


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