Recent Attacks

February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

As the cold weather has left me unmotivated to fix this pesky USB situation which has been hindering my ability to share all of the glorious things recently gracing my plate I will instead share some of the sites which have been gracing my browser’s tabs.  There are so many amazing people on this Earth with so many different talents and insights and tastes, I can spend hours simply gawking at beautiful creations.

I have always wondered how to convert traditional baked goods into vegan goodies. Now I know. Because there are simply times when I want to feel really good when I eat things which are really good.

The Chinese New Year is quickly approaching, and I have been busy conjuring dreaming up plates full of these things:
Lucky Sushi
Nutty Dumplings

Similarly, the dreadfully anticipated Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so my mind has been stuck on heart shaped scones made with browned butter, hazelnuts, and teff flour (USB, please work in time!).

David Lebovitz made something for World Nutella Day, and I happily altered it to my liking.

My newest fascination is here with insanely beautiful pictures of culinary and cloth creations.

So please don’t be fooled into thinking that I have only been sipping tea for the past couple of weeks (although that is exactly what I have been doing; on top of stuffing my face).   I simply don’t have the images I would like to share uploaded yet.   Shortly you will know all about the crepes, fig butter, onion jam, chocolate spread, hazelnut soup and much much more which has been filling my tummy.


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