Hello, Austin

November 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

With Love From, Austin

There are a whole slew of things to get used to when living in a new city.  The roads, the neighborhoods, the restaurants, the markets.  It’s all very exciting, this time of discovery.  And it makes me think that part of the reason that I love moving around is to remind myself of my priorities, and hopefully provoke something new from them.

In Austin I am loving the modest and sincere attitude of nearly everyone.  Albiet, there is a certain kitschy overtone to much of the city and it’s inhabitants which allows me to fly my humble little freak flag with no shame.  It reminds me of Madrid with its defined neighborhoods and their relative populace, spattering of bites to eat at any hour, and seemingly slow as molasses pace of life.  I am drawn to places that have a unique mix of taste, grunge, and reason, and this place has got it.

One of my favorite things to do right now is visit trailer parks.  Ones that serve food.  All day.  Often with a Tex-Mex (one of my least favorite words, along with healthy and sustainable… but that’s a long tangent to get into) theme, but there is this crepe cart that I have been drooling over, and another with beet chips that have been rumored to be fantastic.  Closest to me though, is a the Hill Country Pierogi which offeres sweet and savory pockets at the most random hours.  I walk by this place on the way to yoga classes.  Everyday.  Help me.

Another ritual of mine which I have carried over to my new home is my weekly visit to the farmers market.  And to my delight the Hope Farmers Market is within walking  distance from my house.  It is a great little market where I am greeted by Wunder- Pils Kombucha on draft to the left and handmade tamales on the right.  But what I really seek out in a market is the produce.  Hope’s market is well stocked by four farms bringing their freshest harvest.  I am most excited about the itsy purple and red potatoes,  purple streaked daikon radishes, and über crisp pears.  But the baby cabbages and lovely sweet potatoes will be perfect for our Friendsgving table this week.

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