Pepper’s Palate

My name is Pepper and I have a an infatuation with food.  My passion for eating runs deeper than solely eating, admittedly consumption may be my favorite aspect of daily nourishment, food is much more than simply calories on a plate.  It is the energy of the sun; the love of the farmers; the passion of the cook.

The foods that I am passionate about are real, pure, and fresh.  Consequentially, I have taken to growing much of my own produce (unfortunately not all that successfully quite yet), baking my own bread, and becoming friends with my neighborhood orchards, farms, and butchers.   Fortunately living in Chester County, Pennsylvania provides me with nearly everything I need to satisfy my garden fresh palette.

I spend most of my free time thinking about what and where I will be eating next.  This is where I keep track of my food adventures whether dining at my favorite taqueria (frequently), making  up my own recipes (often), or feasting at a Michelin rated restaurant (rare).  I make sure to document my edible conquests visually and verbally.

Usually I try go about my gastronomic battles in the most graceful way possible.  Although sometimes, at the end of a meal, it is hard to determine who has won and I feel as though my food has attacked me. But most of the time it is me who does the attacking.


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