Pepper’s Places: Chester County

Barnards Orchards
1079 Wawaset Road
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382

Specializing in a large variety of apples, Barnards is one of the greatest little secrets in my area.  I only wish it weren’t such a secret.  You can pick your own during the early autumn or by them by the peck all year long.  I have discovered so much about my apple preference since I began frequenting the orchard.  Currently, I fancy crisp, tart, and sweet apples like the empire.  They also have a greenhouse to grow gorgeous flowers throughout the year and grow much their own produce; corn, raspberries, squash, tomatoes, and rhubarb, pears just to name a few.


Highlands Orchard
1000 Marshallton Thorndale Rd
West Chester, PA 19380-8500

A great market and orchard with a large variety of tree fruits throughout the season, it is best to pick your own (PYO) if you have time.  Although, it is very easy to loose track of time when feeding the goats, donkey, and lama or playing on the playground just outside the market.  In this case just pick up your pre-picked fruit, a pie, some cookies, or delicious apple cider doughnuts which are made fresh all day.  But be careful, once you have one of these warm, doughy, balls from heaven sprinkled with the perfect coating of cinnamon sugar and plenty of cidery love, you may become a regular like myself.


The Country Butcher
145 S. Walnut Street
Kennett Square, PA 19348

This market always has great local meat, something very important when you are concerned with responsible consumption.  With their lamb from Lancaster, Pa and chickens from Delaware the meat market may be the one of the closest and most convenient places to buy good meat without going straight to the farm.  Aside from meat the Country Butcher also has an impressive cheese shop with both local and imported cheese, something which is very dear to me.

Talula’s Table
102 West State Street
Kennett Square, PA, 19348

Talula’s is a specialty market and bakery and quite possibly my favorite spot in Kennett at the moment.   It is one of the only places to get fresh bread and has my favorite nutty, slightly salty scones.  On top of the baked goodness there is also a prepared food and cheese shop the thought of which makes me salivate even after eating fresh cornbread and tomato soup ten minutes ago.  After the daytime market closes its doors, the shop unveils its highly rated, exceptionally elusive restaurant.  It may seem ridiculous, but reservations must be made a year in advance.  To the day.  This method is so ridiculous that it works.  One elaborate, seasonal, indescribable, decadent supper is served to one deserving party sharing one large table.  If only I knew where I would be in a year.  I wish I could say Talula’s Table.


§ 2 Responses to Pepper’s Places: Chester County

  • tina miller says:

    hi pepper,
    i think your blog is really great. you are doing an amazing job. you are young, passionate and an excellent writer. i hope you can inspire others to support local and sustainable farmers and cooks in our wonderful area! phyllis would be proud of you! tina

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